It all started when…

Brigid was in college, studying to become a chemist, when the idea came to her. Walking down the aisles in Wal-Mart one day, she wondered why no one had ever combined liquor and ice cream. At the time, she didn’t act on the idea.
After graduating and working in a job she didn’t want, she decided to pursue her college dream of creating alcohol infused ice cream. “Let me try this,” she decided, and began studying everything from crystallization to salt to Blue Bell. She took every ice cream imaginable and lined it up in her freezer, figuring out what she needed to do to freeze alcohol.
She fell in love with the freedom to be creative. “I can literally create whatever I want to,” she says, and she does. Brigid started cooking when she was eight, and she never stopped. Her ice cream is dairy-free and made with coconut milk. Non-alcoholic options are also available.
Since then Bri has curated over 10 pop-ups from small to big (most recently Eye Scream Wasted) 
Found of Ice Cream Wasted, Eye Scream Wasted, Pink Taco Studios and now Wasted Marketplace, an interactive pop art market.